Competition Rules for 2017-2018


1. All images must be the work of the entrant only, i.e. they may not be taken by any other person or obtained by copying the work of any other person. Images may only be adjusted on computer by the entrant. However, entrants may use
professional services for printing and mounting purposes.
2. Each club member can have four entries in the “Image of the Year” competition but only two per category. For other competitions, the maximum number of images entered will be specified when the competition is announced.
3. Print entries must be mounted but not framed. A simple mount of a photo on a card is acceptable.
4. The maximum mount size for printed images is 20” x 16” (500mm x 400mm).
5. Projected images must be in digital format in jpeg only and must be a maximum of 1500 pixels on the long side with a resolution of 100 pixels/inch. Slides and Drone Images will not be accepted.
6. Black & White category images must be monochromatic, i.e. must not contain more than one colour.
7. Any image which has been submitted to a competition may not be submitted to any other club competition for a period 36 months afterwards except for the Michael Kelly Memorial Audio- Visual competition.
8. Images submitted for the Connemara competition must have been taken within the 18 months prior to the closing date of that competition. All entries must be from the Connemara Area. Check your maps?
9. No image may be entered in more than one category (e.g. a colour image may not have previously been entered as a mono image or vice versa).
10. All entries must be submitted by the prescribed dates – late entries will not be included in the competition. The onus is on the entrant to verify that his/her entries via e-mail have been received (by ensuring the e-mail has been read).
11. The decision of the judge(s) is final and no discussion will be entered into with the judges regarding their decision.
12. All entries must be identified in the prescribed manner (see below*).
13. The Committee reserve the right to refuse to accept any image
they consider to be offensive.


1 point will be awarded for each image entered, plus:
10 points will be awarded for lst place
7 points will be awarded for 2nd place
4 points will be awarded for 3rd place



There are two competition categories: (a) Projected images, and (b) prints. Each category consists of two sections (i) Black & White, and (ii) Colour. Each member may submit a total of four images in any competition (unless specified otherwise – see above) but only two per section.

Identification of Entries

Images must be marked as monochrome or colour entries. Each image must have its title, membership number and the member’s grade clearly marked. The entrant’s name must not appear on any entry. Failure to meet these requirements will disqualify the entry.


Submitting Images for Competition

Entries will be accepted at the club meeting one week prior to the competition judging. Digital entries may also be e-mailed to to arrive in the inbox no later than Midnight on the Friday prior to the competition judging night as indicated on the Club programme. The club will not be responsible for e-mailed entries which are not received so please put a “read” request on the covering e-mail to ensure that it has been received and read.

Additional Rules

Full Competition rules pertaining to Judging and Grades can be found in the club handbook that is given to every member. Should there be any questions or concerns on these please take them to the committee using the contact form found on this site.