A big thanks to our Guest Speaker Mike McLoughlin!

Thursday saw the club welcome Mike McLoughlin to speak on his work and share with us some fantastic images. From discussing the merits of printing in this modern age to sharing his unique vision in his black and white imagery it was a pleasure to hear from a photographer of his experience.


Next week sees our own Damien Burke presenting some of his work along with a collection of images from our committee members. A reminder that next week is also the deadline for entries for the Brian Callagy Memorial Print Competition.  Hope to see you all on Thursday!

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Welcome to 2018 Folks!

Happy New Year to all Club members!

As you may be aware our first club meeting of the new year is coming up this Thursday and we're looking to start out the program strong!


We've got a fantastic speaker for you in the person of Mr. Geoff Smyth.  Geoff was a commercial photographer in London for a large part of his working life, and like many he shot only on film. This means he knows how to get it right in camera in a very small number of shots and he's bringing some amazing examples with him to show us. Additionally as a veteran of the industry he has a pile of interesting stories on his life and photography that he'll be sharing.

You definitely don't want to miss this one and we encourage people to come early as Geoff will have some original pieces of work setup to be viewed in a light-box and we want to be sure that everyone can get a good chance to see these, so doors will be opening at 7:30.


We'll also be discussing the upcoming Brian Callagy competition which is a Print competition, and John has some information for the club related to that.

For those in the beginner class, please note that due to the early start there is no beginners class this week. Regular classes will start on the 18th.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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Galway Camera Club